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Tirana is a wonderful capital city at the heart of the Western Balkans region. You will find a robust and lively city. While in Tirana, you must not miss Tirana's Lake, the vibrant Blloku area which teems with great restaurants and cafes, the 'Bunk'Art' Museum which is a former bunker that now houses a memorial to those who suffered under Communism, and the Council of Europe-acclaimed 'House of Leaves' Museum which tells the history of the Albanian State security apparatus under Communism, and many other attractions. Beyond Tirana, there are so many other fine places to explore in Albania. These include beautiful Berat, a UNESCO heritage site that is nicknamed 'the city of a thousand windows', the charming port city of Durres, the lovely Gjirokaster, also named a UNESCO heritage city, the Albanian Riviera which stretches from the coastal city of Vlora to the southern city of Saranda, the archeological sites of Apollonia, Butrint and Byllis, and the mountainous peaks of Thethe and Valbona, part of the chain of the Albanian Alps.


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About The Western Balkans

The Western Balkans region comprises six captivating countries: Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Each country possesses its unique charm, presenting both economic opportunities for international firms and a plethora of cultural attractions for tourists worldwide. In essence, the Western Balkan region offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Exploring these countries before or after attending the conference promises a truly enriching experience.

Western Balkans
North Macedonia
North Macedonia

Situated east of Albania, North Macedonia, a former Yugoslav state, gained independence in 1991. Its attractions include the captivating capital, Skopje, with its Old Bazaar, the shared Lake Ohrid with Albania, the impressive Millennium Cross on Vodno Mountain - the second largest cross in Europe, and the scenic Mavrovo National Park.


Montenegro boasts some of the most picturesque coastal landscapes in the region. Highlights include the Venetian-style walled city of Kotor along the Bay of Kotor, the old town of Budva by the Adriatic Sea, and coastal towns like Ulcinj and Bar. The capital, Podgorica, and Montenegro's pre-World War I historic capital, Cetinje, offer attractive city centers.


Despite its 2008 declaration of independence, Kosovo's status is not universally recognized. The capital, Prishtina, features a noteworthy ethnographic museum and a statue of Bill Clinton. Prizren, one of Kosovo's most beautiful cities, boasts traditional Ottoman architecture and an impressive fortress. The nearby Sharr Mountains offer some of the Balkans' highest peaks.


As the largest country in the Western Balkans, Serbia showcases vibrant city centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Nis. Notable attractions include beautiful monasteries, impressive museums in Belgrade, and the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Once a site of conflict in the 1990s, Bosnia & Herzegovina has transformed into a tourism destination. Its historic capital, Sarajevo, showcases attractive minarets and a renowned university. Mostar, with its famous rebuilt 16th-century Ottoman bridge, the Dervish monastery of Blagaj, and the Kravica waterfall, are among the country's must-visit sites.

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